The latest firm of Terry Andrews was to device up-and manufacture cheaper brass clocks

The latest firm of Terry Andrews was to device <a href=""></a> up-and manufacture cheaper brass clocks

Samuel Terry lengthened home financing for the entire house to Terry Andrews that has been payable 10 years from day, best interest because of annually

Historically, Ansonia time clock team didn’t have the roots in Ansonia, the Connecticut city thereafter it actually was known as, however some 35 miles northeast when you look at the great clockmaking town of Bristol. In 1841, Theodore Terry, nephew of Eli Terry the man who had begun the manufacture of low-cost clocks in the 1st decade on the 19th century, formed a collaboration with one Franklin C. Andrews.

On August 13, 1841, Theodore Terry of Bristol and Franklin C. Andrews of New York purchased two parcels of secure, one observed „. being the exact same surface my sawmill stood an added building that was burned. “ from Theodore’s dad, resigned clockmaker Samuel Terry, for $3,. III A history of clockmaking posted when you look at the Bristol Herald in 1890 mentioned „. In 1841, the factory constructed by Samuel Terry around the rolling mill dam, ended up being burnt while filled by Ray Carpenter producing ‚OG‘ matters and Terry Andrews generating moves. Mr. Terry built up the store once more therefore was occupied by Theodore Terry and Franklin Andrews, in company title of Terry Andrews.“

While in the remainder associated with the 1840is the Terry Andrews business prospered and 30xhour and 8xday spring-driven sizes happened to be included with the line of 30-hour weight-driven clocks. Following the break down on the Chauncey Jerome manufacturing plant in 1845 and Jerome’s following removal of the remainder of their companies to brand-new Haven, Conn., Terry Andrews turned into the largest clock providers in Bristol. In Summer of 1850, they reported $50,000 dedicated to funds, happened to be employing 58 palms together with created about 25,000 clocks, valued at $75,000, in the previous year. One document on Bristol producers in 1850 noted Terry Andrews „are called as secure a strong as any in town, spend really, you can trust them all they ask for. . .“

However, about that time Anson G. Phelps, a wealthy industrialist from nyc which run big foundry operations at Birmingham (now Derby), CT, convinced Terry Andrews to go out of Bristol and be allies with his foundry functions.

By 1850, Terry Andrews had been yearly making use of 58 numerous metal, so it is unsurprising that Theodore Terry is one of the Bristol clockmakers who have been incorporators on the Bristol metal time clock team in April, 1850 and subscribed for 266 offers, a good investment of $6

Terry Andrews paid up their particular mortgage to Samuel Terry on April 13, 1850 and on the next might 1lth ended up selling half curiosity about their particular company to Anson G. Phelps for $7,200 8 weeks later Theodore Terry sold their entire curiosity about the Bristol metal time clock Company, probably marking your „traitor“ to its others traders.

May 7,1850, Anson G. Phelps, Theodore Terry and Franklin C. Andrews formed a joint-stock agency referred to as „Ansonia time clock team“ for your produce and deal of clocks, movements and relating products. Some $100,000 funds ended up being authorized with 4,000 shares sold at $25 each. Phelps used controlling interest with 1,334 companies while Terry and Andrews presented 1,333 every. Theodore Terry was actually picked President and his child Hubbell P. Terry became assistant. The area, Ansonia, ended up being a village in the area of Derby, CT which Anson Phelps got called after themselves.

The organization at some point utilized a two-story plant for the clock business that was being used by January of 1851, though Phelps did not promote the house towards the organization and rent all of them the water legal rights until April 12th of that season. This area is observed as actually regarding northwest comer of many by which additionally endured a stone plant had by Phelps, which was employed by the Jerome Manufacturing organization of the latest Haven.


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